Liker Dog Ball

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LIKER – NOT JUST A BALL!! This is a toy you and your pet would like and even love!

LIKER’s unique material combines the best properties of dog toys: rubber - plastic – nylon - cotton.

LIKER is lightweight.. Easy to throw and its unique shape slightly change the flight path, adding surprise excitement to the game. It is also safe and will not break windows or knock down objects, in contrast with heavier tennis balls.

Fun games at the park, in winter snow or at the beach on water now will be exciting. LIKER floats on water and is almost entirely above the water surface! Especially effective with dogs who are cautious in water or do not know how to swim yet. With LIKER your dog will easily learn how to swim!

The unique LIKER ball made up of non-toxic materials that keep teeth safe and healthy. It actually cleans your dog teeth while playing with it. It’s safe because the material is elastic and soft. LIKER is simple to clean and will not hold bacteria or odor. It is not a chew toy therefore is intended to be used as an interactive toy!

Very difficult to lose. It will not sink into the snow and easy to spot on water or in grass. Its high visibility orange color can be seen in the most overcast day.